Montaigu de Quercy:

Montaigu de Quercy is the nearest village 5km in addition to the Saturday morning market, it has a supermarche, an excellent butcher, boulangerie, post office, bank, cafe restaurant and tourist information center.


How to get to Las Tuillieres:


1} Flights from UK to Bergerac on Flybe and Ryanair or Easyjet to Toulouse. The journey from Bergerac where you can rent a car takes about an hour and 14 mins 81.8 kms. The distance from Toulouse about 1 hour 24 mins 105 kms.

2} From Paris you can take the TGV {fast train} 4 hours to Agen where you can rent a car. The drive from Agen is about 30 mins. There are also flights from Paris to Begerac and Toulouse.

3} Driving from England, after your ferry has docked it will take an entire day. Although its certainly do-able, we recommend stopping on the way.

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